policies and terms

Zyber Services Agreement

This agreement covers the use and access of the Zyber web application, Android application and iOS application. By using Zyber, you are agreeing to read and adhere to these documents. If you are using Zyber on behalf of a business, the business is agreeing to these.

1. Your Data

When you sign-up and use our service, you provide information that Zyber collects and stores. You retain a right to your data and give Zyber the right to store, access and manage your data for purposes of providing the service.

2. Sharing

You may share your information as you choose using our sharing features.

3. Acceptable Use

You cannot use Zyber for any content you do not have a right to access and use. You cannot use Zyber for any illegal purposes. You cannot access or use Zyber in any way other than its intended purpose. You cannot tamper with Zyber. You cannot alter or disrupt our service in any way. Do not use the Zyber mobile applications while driving.

4. Software

Updates to our mobile application software will be made available to you through the mobile app stores. Updates to the web application will be performed at scheduled times and you will be notified beforehand about the disruption to your service. You may not copy, alter or sell our software.

5. Our content

We retain the copyrights to all Zyber brand content. You may not for any reason use Zyber content without our express consent.

6. Disclaimers

We are not responsible for any content managed through Zyber. We make no guarantees about the service such as up-time, availability or reliability. We can for any reason terminate you account and stop providing you service. We will inform you if this occurs.

7. Liability

We take no responsibility for financial loss, data loss, or otherwise.

8. Updates

We can modify these terms at any time and will post the changes and notify users about any updates. Continuing to use the service gives your consent to any new changes to this agreement.

Privacy Policy

This policy explains what is collected and for what purpose.

1. Information we collect and store

Information from the sign-up process, including your name, email, and phone number, in addition to the account information you choose when you sign-up (your domain name). Information provided when you use our services, such as the IP address and type of browser, and the date and time when you login. Cookies which may be used for functionality such as ?Remember Me?. Usage data regarding how much is being stored and when on our servers. Error and performance reports logged by the system if there are problems. Information provided by you for technical support. Emails stored by the system when you choose to share a file. Files you upload to Zyber, activity on those files and metadata such as file type and size.

2. Who we share to

With others working for Zyber, such as customer or IT support. With other users, through external sharing of files as chosen by you. With law enforcement, if deemed necessary to comply with the law.

3. How we use your information

To provide services to you or relevant support. To communicate with you regarding your account. To monitor, maintain and improve the products.

4. How we protect your information

Your files are encrypted at rest and the software uses SSL. Your information will be stored for as long as you use our service and will be deleted if you decided to end your use of the service. We may store this information for longer if needed to comply with the law.

5. Where

Your information is stored on servers in the United States.

6. Your info & the Company

If anything changes regarding the assets of Zyber, we will make sure you are informed.

7. Updates

If there are any updates to this privacy policy, current users will be notified through email and the most updated version will always be available on our site.

8. Contact us if you have any questions